TM2 30-15-2.8 (2-Stage) Thermoelectric Cooling Module

TM2 30-15-2.8
2-Stage Thermoelectric Cooling Module

Specifications with Thot = 27 °С

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Dimensions (mm)
Stage 1 L x W, Stage 2 L x W (total height)

TM2 30-15-2.8





30 x 30, 15 x 15 (7.2)


TM2 30-15-2.8 is a two-stage thermoelectric cooler with a ∆Tmax of 95 °C, with a hot-side temperature of 27 °C (105 °C with Th of 50 °C ), delivered to a 15x15mm cold-side. Typically powered by 12 or 15 volt DC power sources TM2 30-15-2.8 provides up to 25 °C more ∆T than is possible with a single-stage module.

With a Qmax of about 9 watts the module is best cooling a no-load ~ low-load sensor or device. At full power, this module has a total heat load of roughly 50 watts to heat-sink from the 30x30mm hot-side. It’s likely a forced convection heat-sink, liquid heat-sink, or cold ambient (i.e. wing-tip CCD) will be required.

In electro-optic and photonic applications, TM2 30-15-2.8 is commonly used to maintain a cold, and constant, temperature in order to stabilize the wavelength detector or sensor.


Comprehensive Specifications (Hot-Side Temperature 27 °C)

Imax = 2.8 Amps (Imax is the maximum current at ΔTmax)

Vmax = 15.7 Volts (Vmax is maximum voltage at ΔTmax)

Qcmax = 8.7 Watts (Qcmax is maximum cooling capacity at Imax, Vmax and ΔT = 0 °C)

ΔTmax = 95 °C (ΔTmax is maximum temperature difference at Imax, Vmax and Qc = 0W)

Internal resistance = 5.0Ω ± 10% as measured by AC 4-terminal method at 25 °C

Operating temperature range: -50 °C ~ +105 °C (Solder melting point: +138 °C)

Thickness tolerance: ± 0.25mm
Flatness variance: ± 0.05mm

Standard lead wires: 22 AWG, Tin (Sn) plated at module interface, with a maximum temperature of +105 °C
(Other wiring options available.)

Ceramics: Alumina (AL2O3) - Available with metalized and tinned surfaces

Maximum recommended compression: 1MPa

The lot number is printed on the 1st stage cold-side



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TM2 30-15-2.8 Module Drawing  

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